Quality Cabinets

Because of the amount of time we spend in our own kitchens, we understand how important it is that yours reflect your life, your needs, your style. Kitchens are not just for cooking anymore. They are also for gathering, entertaining, doing homework and craft projects, paying bills and more. Shouldn’t your kitchen work smarter, look more beautiful, and make your life easier, too?

Today’s homebuilding/remodeling designs have been trending in this direction, and cabinetry has been doing its part to keep pace. Our three kitchen cabinetry lines, Quality Cabinets® WoodStar®, and Riviera cabinets. offer a wide range of options from more formal and traditional to sleek and contemporary, with a whole lot in between. Your own personal flair comes through in the accessories, custom features, hardware and finishes you choose to enhance them.

Rest assured that every product we make and sell is durable, long-lasting and certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA). The KCMA certification program measures cabinets for structural, construction and finish requirements that simulate years of household use. Cabinets that pass (such as ours) are awarded a KCMA seal on the inside of the doors.